1099 Workforce OPtimization

The easiest way to attract, retain, and pay your 1099 contractor workforce

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Odin makes the process of hiring and acquiring new contractors painless. Send your prospects to Odin, and stop pulling your hair out.


Get out of the raw spreadsheet and lighten up your payments flow. Automate Thor Lightning payments™ to your hearts content.


Want to do more? Connect Odin to a growing list of services.


Odin's fully customizable onboarding flow makes the process of hiring new contractors painless. Bring them into the fold with Odin, and stop pulling your hair out.


Streamline your payment process with a contractor management portal that can scale with your business. No more spreadsheets. No more CSVs. No more wasted hours.


Connect with the future of work and intelligently sync with other services essential for managing contractors. We focus on our specialty—while seamlessly meshing with other platforms so that you can utilize theirs.

Thor is fixing the Gig Economy
for freelancers and On Demand companies

Benefits for Contractors

Health Benefits

Get access to affordable health benefits with the Thor Mobile Platform. Choose the plan that’s right for you and get you and your family covered.

Lightning Pay

Get paid immediately after a gig is complete with no additional fees. It’s your money, and now you don’t have to wait for it.

Retirement Account

Do the smart thing and start saving for your future today! Choose the plan that suits you best from a variety of tax-exempt options.


David Chin
Chief Executive
Matt Moravec
Chief Technology Officer
Matthew Lawler
Chief Design Officer
Reggie Clodfelter
Director of
Ben Lambert
Director of Legal Operations
and Business Development
Nick Wanstrath
Lead Software Developer


Shaunak Mali
Product Advisor
Johnny Chin
CEO, Bannerman Security
Dr. Robert Mithun
Former Physician-in-Chief
at Kaiser Permanente SF
Ray Davila
Vice President, Nightlife
Operations at Hakkasan Group
Nick Alexander
Co Founder & CEO at Yoshi Inc.

Buzz about Thor

Buzz about THOR

Vincent Launay
It will be hard to find some sellers when thor will be listed on an exchange! Only 7m tokens in circulation... and project already functional... See you soon on exchanges!!
October 2, 2018
Elastos King
@Thortoken making extremely solid moves. The release of #Odin is a massive win for the team and an awesome application of their technology proving how real world adoption is going to take place. When their token hits exchanges this bad boy is going to do amazing things 🔥🔥🔥
October 2, 2018
Crypto Liverbird
I knew when I invested in the ICO, that Thor was somehow different. I didn’t know why I felt like it, but I went with my gut. You guys and your team are like silent assassins, systematically going about your work, with a clear vision, whilst many flounder. Well done team.
October 2, 2018
Ray Davila
A company utilizing blockchain tech that has an actual working product with customers! Keep it up @GoThorTech
October 3, 2018
One of the most promising hidden champions of $NEO is the $THOR project! The ICO didnt went viral back then so they got to burn a decent amount of token. Now the team is delivering nonstop and they wont stop in the future. Low supply+nice project->Better watch it: @GoThorTech
October 4, 2018
The New Asset Class
Thor is an exciting project with a working product, professional team and a whole lot of promise. @GoThorTech #CryptocurrencyNews
October 5, 2018
@Thortoken released the iOS App yesterday! Download it and look for some awesome $THOR swag like tshirts, keychains or hats! #thor #neo #crypto #app #ios #android #nep-5 #beta
July 26, 2018
Vincent Launay
This #thortoken tshirt is awesome! ;) Perfect first transaction on the thor mobile beta platform! With only 7m circulating supply: see you soon at 10$ on exchanges! ;)
July 26, 2018

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