Bannerman Security —Thor Token Partnership Announcement


Matthew Lawler

Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer

San Francisco, January 22, 2018—Thor Token is excited to announce our official partnership withBannerman Security, a security guard service platform founded in San Francisco. This partnership gives Thor a strategic alpha customer that will advise and implement Thor’s B2B business solutions.

Bannerman Security helps property, office, commercial, and other facility managers keep their people and properties safe and secure. The company was founded in 2013 and has already grown to among the top firms in the nation, serving thousands of properties, high-end residential complexes, retail and office spaces, and manufacturing, shipping and fulfillment facilities across several metro U.S. regions.

Thor will begin rolling out its payments solution and mobile wallet to Bannerman’s 1000 contracting security guards. The team at Thor are very excited to have Bannerman as our first customer and will be partnering with Bannerman as we grow. Be on the lookout for future news.

“Bannerman and Thor Token are on a mission to revamp payments for contractors. On-the-spot payments incentivizes contractors to enthusiastically complete the tasks they are assigned. We are really excited to see what happens as a result of this partnership.”
— Johnny Chin, CEO Bannerman

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