Bridging the Way to the Crypto Future


Matthew Lawler

Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer

San Francisco, March 8, 2018—I’ve always had an attraction to idealized visions for the future, often with a naive understanding of how distant that future may be. Now, I’m more rooted in the NOW, and couldn’t be more thrilled to be building a bridge to the future I want to live in.

You see, I believe heaven is not a place we will simply die and go to—It’s something we need to build. But it has an infinite horizon. The destination will continue to recede as we approach it. It may take many lifetimes, or many generations to get there, and yet, every step is meaningful progress that we can be joyful about.

“Everything that is really great and inspiring was created by the individual who can labor in Freedom” — Albert Einstein.

Bridge to Heaven

What kind of bridge is that? One that spans between two shores with water in the middle? No, not really. How about a bridge between the dying financial system that rewards very few, and the decentralized future in which individuals labor in freedom as part of a global, harmonic community?Yes, that’s one we’re interested in building at THOR.

It was only three years ago that I was hell-bent on shifting the world away from our awful and chaotic global standard for the calendar. It’s funny, looking back, how I was so oblivious to the paradigm shift underway in the monetary system. Once I had my moment of realization regarding the importance and need for decentralized and censorship-resistant currency (and data!) in June of last year, I determined then that I would fully align myself and my efforts with this giant wave of innovation that is changing the economic landscape of this planet for good. The world needs cryptocurrency far more than it currently knows — and I feel personally committed to paying forward the ‘aha’ moment I was thrilled to experience.

As I’ve stated before, joining forces with Matt and David was one of those synchronistic sparks that seemed to be forged in God’s hand. The mission and purpose of THOR is so deeply and meaningfully practical, it’s got me worshipping at the alter of practicality instead of my former idealism.

The moment for changing the calendar is yet to come. The moment for providing practical and comprehensive benefits to contractors is very much here and now. Making it ridiculously easy for every Joe and Jane to get access to great health, financial, and insurance benefits, is the gateway to heaven if you ask me. And there are so, so many wonderful things we can do once we start crossing this bridge together!

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