Ditch the 9—5? We Believe in the Gig Economy


Matthew Lawler

Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer

For me, my passion for building freedom-empowering technology runs deep. We have to envision an ideal future, and go after it with everything we've got. I wrote this 'poem', and put it to motion to share a little bit about where I think this ship is headed ; )

Ditch the 9-5? We believe gig work is the future.
With enhanced freedoms AND responsibilities, decentralized, censorship-resistant blockchain networks will help inspire a thriving economy connecting VALUE PRODUCERS with value CONSUMERS in a cycle of value production that will trump anything this world has ever seen.
Lightning Payments are coming to the gig economy, powered by blockchain.
FREEDOM LOVERS UNITE #LightningPayments and #BigBenefits #GoTHOR
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