Introducing the Thor Referral Rewards Program!


Reggie Clodfelter

Director of Communications at Thor

San Francisco, CA, September 5, 2018—Hi Thor community! Want to earn cash (in the form of Amazon gift cards) while simultaneously expanding usage of our platform and, in turn, the demand for THOR? Well, now you can! This announcement is the official kick off of the Thor Referral Rewards Program.

With our Referral Rewards Program, you will be eligible to earn rewards for each person you refer that completes the ThorCare questionnaire using your Thor referral code. You can earn additional rewards for each referred person that signs up for ThorCare using your unique referral code once the insurance becomes available. In addition, there will be a leaderboard with a monthly payout for the 10 participants who get the most people to sign up for our ThorCare email list by completing the ThorCare questionnaire on our website.

To be eligible to participate in the Referral Rewards Program as a referrer, you must (I) be a legal resident of your country; (II) be the age of majority in your territory of residence; and (III) have gone through the Thor KYC/AML process. In addition, until October 1, 2018, only individuals who have previously gone through the Thor KYC/AML process will be eligible to participate as a referrer under the Referral Rewards Program Terms and Conditions; however, we reserve the right to expand participation in the program to anyone who satisfies the above criteria at a later date.

(PLEASE NOTE: while we target independent contractors because of their need for affordable group plan healthcare, any adult U.S. resident can sign up)

The program will start on September 5th and last until December 31, 2018.

Though Open Enrollment for purchasing healthcare begins on November 1 of this year, we want to begin building a pool of people looking to get more affordable healthcare now! To do so, we are having people interested in ThorCare provide us with their email and a little information about themselves (from here on out, we will call this person a “Prospect”)— and we want your help!

Now, let me explain the rules of the Thor Referral Rewards Program:

  • Every participant will receive a unique referral code (a unique URL) to direct people to our pre-enrollment email signup and questionnaire. Each Prospect that completes the questionnaire using that participant’s referral code will count towards that participant’s total on our monthly leaderboard.
  • Each Prospect that eventually becomes an insured member of ThorCare (from here on out we will call this a “Insured Memeber”) will earn $50 for the participant who’s referral url directed them to us. That’s $50 for EVERY person that used your referral code to complete the questionnaire and followed through to become ThorCare insured.
  • Our leaderboard will track the amount of Prospects provided by each participant each month. At the end of the month, the top 10 participants, ranked in order of total Propsects, will divide up that month’s total pool as follows:
    1st place: 30%
    2nd place: 15%
    3rd/4th/5th place: 10%
    6th through 10th place: 5%
  • The total pool will start at $500 each month, but will move up to $1000 if we get 500 total Prospects that month, and will increase by another $1,000 every time we get another 500 Prospects that month.
    > 0 = $500
    > 500 = $1000
    > 1000 = $2000
    > 1500 = $3000
    > 2000 = $4000
    > 2500 = $5000
  • The prize pool will be capped at $5000 each month, for a total cap of $20,000 for the four-month program

That’s it! If a participant is able to get 1000 Prospects over the course of the Referral Rewards Program and 200 of those become Insured Members of ThorCare, that participant will receive $10,000 PLUS all of their leaderboard winnings.

PLEASE NOTE: The Thor Referral Rewards Program will be subject to the Program Terms and Conditions. We may modify the Terms and Conditions when the Open Enrollment process begins in order to streamline the sign up process.

The payouts will be in the form of Amazon gift cards (to make it easy for people from all over the world to participate). The leaderboard payouts will be made the following month and the Insured Member payouts ($50 for each Prospect that becomes an Insured Member) will be made in January 2019 after the program ends.

Keep in mind that ThorCare will only be available to U.S. residents (for now!), so people who reside outside the U.S. will not be able to become either a Prospect or Insured Member. In addition, no one will be able to sign up for ThorCare until the start of the open enrollment period on November 1, 2018.

Sign up here and start earning cash while helping people find more affordable healthcare today!

*ThorCare is a prospective health insurance plan that has yet to be officially formed.

We do not purposefully collect or store “protected health information” (“PHI”), as defined in HIPAA (45 C.F.R. § 160.103); and sending, submitting, posting or otherwise providing to us, or uploading, storing, or otherwise transferring to Thor Technologies, Inc., any PHI (or other personally identifying information for any individuals from which the PHI is derived), including “individually identifiable information”, as defined in HIPAA, and “personal data”, as defined in the EU Privacy Directive, is strictly prohibited and we disclaim all responsibility or liability with respect to any such information.

Tips and tricks:

  • Find forums for independent contractors (such as, post your referral url asking if anyone is interested in signing up for an email list to receive affordable health insurance designed for the independent contract community this open enrollment period
  • Find health insurance related discussions on twitter, post your url, and let people know about the opportunity to sign up for the opportunity to get affordable healthcare this open enrollment period. If you have a large twitter following, let them know about affordable health insurance through Thor. If you don’t, post in response to someone who does!
  • Ask various Telegram groups, your Facebook friends, your personal friends, your Uber driver, your plumber, whoever!
  • Let people know that signing up to access affordable healthcare is QUICK and EASY! A few examples of what you can write on various social channels and forums are below, but write your own as well, it will be more convincing if it’s in your voice!
    — I’m so happy I just signed up to receive more affordable health insurance from Thor! The sign-up process was easy, don’t miss out! *Link*
    — I just heard about this startup bringing affordable healthcare to the gig economy! Take a look, getting started is easy! *Link*
    — Just signed up to receive more affordable health insurance. You should too! It took no time at all. *Link*

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