Moonlight Partnership Announcement


Reggie Clodfelter

Director of Communications at Thor

San Francisco, March 5, 2018—Thor Token is pleased to announce an official partnership with Moonlight (, a revolutionary blockchain solution focused on matching contractors with employers and augmenting the job search, placement, on-boarding, and management processes.

Moonlight complements Thor Token by adding additional features for the same client base. Thor Token focuses on benefits and payments for contractors — health insurance, paycheck processing, retirement accounts, etc. — while Moonlight helps place these contractors into the right jobs for them. Our partnership spans a wide range of freelancers’ needs and we have the opportunity to integrate these services for a smooth experience.

“Thor Token and Moonlight are natural partners. We share a customer base without filling competing needs for those customers, and we each understand the benefits of bringing a blockchain-powered solution to the rapidly growing workforce of independent contractors. We’re really excited for this opportunity to form a partnership with a company that understands our audience as intimately as we do.”
— Chris Birmingham, Moonlight Blockchain Developer / Co-Founder

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