NEO to THOR Exchange Rate Details


Matthew Lawler

Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer

San Francisco, March 10, 2018—We are pegging our Token Sale exchange rate at 120 Thor Tokens to 1 NEO, and pegging GAS at a rate of 35 Thor Tokens to 1 Gas.

1 NEO = 120 THOR

1 GAS = 35 THOR

We have decided to reward our community and use this generous rate instead of the 7-day moving average of NEO so that our exchange rate is not overly weighted by NEO’s recent outlier values.

This means that, for Token Sale participants that get in our 25% limited bonus round, 1 NEO will exchange at 150 Thor Tokens, a great rate in this market!

Thanks to all who have shared and discussed the Thor vision!

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