Thor announces Ray Davila as an official Advisor


Reggie Clodfelter

Director of Communications at Thor

San Francisco, August 29, 2018 — We are thrilled to announce the addition of Ray Davila to our talented advisory board! Ray is the Vice President of Operations, Nightlife, for a worldwide hospitality company with establishments across North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

“Ray knows the ins and outs of the 1099 economy like no other,” said David Chin, CEO and co-founder of Thor. “He will be a great resource for helping Thor expand into the parts of the 1099 workforce that are not traditionally considered the Gig Economy but still suffer from all the same deficiencies — a massive population to say the least.”

Through his current position, Ray has extensive experience managing a large workforce of 1099 contractors while running hospitality in the seventh largest U.S. metropolitan area for gig employment growth, according to Brookings. Because of this experience, Ray will be able to advise Thor on both ends of our operations. He has a long history of contractor acquisition, needing to maintain a steady population of contractors in order to continue his company’s day-to-day operations.

Ray also has invaluable insight into the backend needs from a payment processing perspective of a business employing contractors. The nuances here can be extensive and specific, such as issues related to 1099 tax filing and reporting at the time of payment, and Ray’s expertise will go a long way towards honing our contractor management portal to the exact needs of the businesses we are targeting.

“From the lengthy waiting periods to get paid to the expensive benefits, I know first hand many of the struggles of 1099 contractors,” said Davila. “I’ve expected someone to step up and fix these issues for a few years, and when I found out about Thor, I knew these would be the guys to do it. I’m excited to help them in their mission to bring stability to this huge segment of the workforce, both in the U.S. and abroad.”

Before his current employment, Ray worked as the Director of Nightclub Operations for HOME Nightclub at the Ameristar Casino Resort Spa from 2007–2010. Ray received his Bachelor of Science in Community & Commercial Recreation from the University of Iowa.

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