Thor announces strategic partnership with Spotcoin


Reggie Clodfelter

Director of Communications at Thor

San Francisco, June 29, 2018—We’ve teamed up with another heavy hitter in the blockchain industry! We are happy to announce a strategic partnership with Spotcoin, a NEO-based project aiming to bring liquidity to the market with a Gas to fiat exchange.

“Creating secure, reliable gateways between digital and fiat currencies is imperative to bringing blockchain tokens into the mainstream. It allows users from everywhere a way to use digital currencies everyday while still having access to purchases that can only be made with fiat. Partnering with SpotCoin will allow us to bring Thor’s platform to those very people.”
— David Chin, CEO, Thor

Spotcoin is on a mission to make digital currencies work for everyone. They began as an over-the-counter clearing house in Tbilisi, Georgia with the goal of facilitating ease of movement between fiat and cryptocurrencies. The company recognized the value in providing simple access and liquidity to expand the market outside of the most dedicated members of the community.

By partnering with Spotcoin, we will be able to provide contractors on our platform a reliable method for converting their hard-earned THOR into fiat currencies when their financial needs require it. This will be imperative to allowing contractors with a variety of needs from around the globe to be a part of the Thor community.

“We are thrilled to provide stability to the gig economy by making it easier for people to access funding and trade into other currencies as they see fit. We have great respect for Thor’s mission to create a safety net for gig economy workers, who are often more vulnerable than staff workers. This is a great opportunity for Spotcoin to support these workers and our NEO-community colleagues at Thor.”
— Tim Gick, CEO, Spotcoin

This is a very exciting development and another fantastic step towards creating the Gig Economy Revolution!

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