Thor brings Ben Lambert on as Director of Legal Operations and Business Development


Reggie Clodfelter

Director of Communications at Thor

April 12, 2018—We are very excited to announce that Ben Lambert has joined the team full time! Formally a Thor Token Advisor, Ben will now be the company’s Director of Legal Operations and Business Development.

“As an Advisor for Thor, I was fortunate to participate in the early stages of the Thor project. It was clear from the beginning that providing this much needed solution for the gig-economy wasn’t just a project for the team, it was an opportunity—an opportunity to redefine the manner in which independent contractors are compensated and to ensure their financial health and well-being didn’t restart after each gig.”
— Ben Lambert

Ben will be responsible for managing, implementing, and leading company-wide legal operations and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. He will work with the team to develop business strategies and ensure those strategies align with both our short-term and long-term objectives.

“Joining the core team on a full-time basis was a no-brainer for me. I am excited to contribute my banking and legal knowledge towards such a unique solution and look forward to changing the gig economy!”
— Ben Lambert

Prior to working with Thor Token, Ben was Vice President and Senior Counsel at Umpqua Bank. In that capacity, he provided legal advice to bank personnel, assisted General Counsel with business strategy, product, policy, and practice development, and served as the FDIC’s primary point-of-contact for branch open/close regulatory matters. In addition, Ben drafted and negotiated all third party contracts and all lease documents for new and existing branches.

His history navigating banking regulations, from opening branches to facilitating payments, will be invaluable to our team as we implement our payment processing program.

“From the moment we started working with Ben, we knew we wanted to have him on full-time. His legal savvy is unquestioned, but his skills go far beyond that. He is smart, capable, and really understands what we’re trying to build. We are really happy we were able to pry him away from Umpqua — this is great news for our team!”
— David Chin

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