Thor February 2019 Update


David Chin

Co-Founder & CEO at Thor
Hello, fellow Thorriors! March is here, Winter is coming to a close, and the warm light of Spring is just around the corner.
Launching a start up — especially in the blockchain space — can be turbulent at times. But, with enough hard work and determination, you can navigate any waters, no matter how choppy they get. And that’s exactly what we are doing! Right now, our focus is on making sure we are taking care of every Thor stakeholder, from our token holders to our employees and our Odin customers. Looking out for the interests of each of these constituencies and keeping their needs foremost is our biggest priority.
For our Odin users, this manifests most strongly in our onboarding efforts. Successfully onboarding new customers into the Odin platform is the foundation of everything we do going forward. It is an extensive process getting every one of a company’s contractors into the Odin platform along with all of their relevant tax, employment, and bank information, but we are getting quite good at it. Streamlining this process is essential to building our business and having strong relationships with our customers, so we approach each onboarding as both a pivotal exercise in customer acquisition as well as a learning experience for our team to constantly improve going forward.
For our hodlers, the biggest focus is on maximizing the utility of THOR. This includes both on the Odin platform and elsewhere (i.e. exchanges). We continue to do so with a keen eye to the regulatory environment and the actions of the SEC, and we are willing to adapt to whatever situation we are presented in order to assure that the value of THOR that we have been building is finally realized.
As you know, the regulations in the US are evolving and we must be cautious and proactive when discussing details about our token as it may have longer term consequences down the road. To see which regulations apply, please review the investor protection laws under the SEC guidelines, the SEC statement on crypto currencies and ICOs, state laws related to the taxation and governance of cryptos, securities and commodities. In addition, our decisions are based upon guidance from our legal counsel at a top national law firm in this space.
Regulatory compliance is key to our vision. We believe that building a bridge to the crypto future requires us to work within the parameters we are given, and we will continue to do so.
We really appreciate the strength and commitment our community has provided us over this last year and a half, and we will continue to work on your behalf. Thank you.
Go Thor.
— David Chin, CEO, Thor

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