Thor March 2019 Update


David Chin

Co-Founder & CEO at Thor
Hello again, Thor community, and happy April! Spring is in full swing, but there’s hardly time to smell the roses!
When building a business from scratch, there are periods when everything is moving so fast you can hardly keep your hair on your head or your glasses on straight—and there are also periods that feel more like a slog. March has been a little of both.
Our main focus right now is to continue developing and upgrading our back-end engineering and further our customer acquisition efforts. As a tech-startup, we need a near constant flow of capital to rapidly scale these efforts as we intend to, and that capital can come from many sources.
In order to ensure that the health of the company is strong and the interests of our stakeholders are managed, we have begun looking at alternative, equity-based fundraising. This has included meetings with angel groups, accelerators, and crypto-friendly VCs. We are adamant about aligning our fundraising efforts with the interests of our community, which means that we can’t take capital from just any source. We need to find someone that understands the vision for Thor created by our team and our token holders, and who understands the potential of what we are building.
This is an exciting time, and we have had a number of productive sit-downs throughout the month. I have been on the road or in the air nearly everyday, which has made it harder than usual to keep up with the community, but I will be providing periodic updates when they are available to keep everyone in the loop about our progress. In the meantime, we will be turning the Telegram to company/admin posts only until we have completed these efforts.
Despite the slog in March, we are feeling very excited at Thor HQ about what April holds! The dream is alive, and we will continue to align our interests and capital flow with those who share it.
Stay tuned and, as always, Go Thor!
— David Chin, CEO, Thor

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