Thor Token Sale Recap


Reggie Clodfelter

Director of Communications at Thor

San Francisco, April 18, 2018—We have been honored and humbled by the support we have received from people all over the world who believe in a Smart Gig Economy and the value of bringing affordable benefits to independent contractors.

Thank you so much!

We have raised more than enough to execute our roadmap with our current team, and we are really excited to begin bringing our vision to reality. Despite the challenging market, we were given plenty of runway—and a large enough mandate—by our token buyers to deliver the Thor Platform to contractors in need throughout the world.

Sale Statistics

You can verify this number through your NEON Wallet. This number will never increase.
  • We received 26,727 NEO, 4,296 Gas, and 1,819 ETH
  • We had 6,159 people pass KYC & AML from 126 different countries on all six continents!
  • 1,623 unique NEO addresses now hold THOR
  • 42,930,776 THOR were not purchased from the ICO smart contract and have been burned! This leaves 57,069,224 tokens as the total supply
  • There are 7,069,224 Thor Tokens in circulation
Burn them!

Successful 24-hour Individual Cap

We implemented an individual cap for the first 24 hours of the sale of $2,000 per buyer. This was to ensure that all participants in our Token Sale would have access to the first bonus round and not just a small handful of large buyers. While the first bonus round did not sell out during this 24-hour period, we still believe it is a valuable restriction to implement in Token Sales going forwarded to preserve the fairness and decentralized nature of the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

Air Tight Security

We are very proud to report that we had no security breaches throughout the tenure of our sale! The data of our participants and our company was air tight, and, despite a barrage of attempts from scammers, we know of no token buyers that were misled into sending currency to a fraudulent Thor account.

Tech Support

We are also very pleased with the success of our tech support program, spearheaded by Leo Rong. We were able to attend to most if not all support tickets within a 12-hour period and shepherd any token buyers through their technical difficulties. If, for any reason, you still have issues related to the Token Sale, have not received your tokens yet, or have any other technical/product questions, please submit a ticket to our Zendesk.

Thriving in a Challenging Market

It’s no secret that the cryptocurrency markets are bear right now. The downward turn began just days before the beginning of our Sale, but we were determined to stay the course and not let outside forces derail our road map. While some token buyers were undoubtedly cowed by the shrinking USD value of their NEO, we nonetheless received tremendous support, for which we are very grateful. Thank you to those who stuck with us!

Setting Sail

Our boat is manned, and the wind is at our back! We have more than enough resources to launch and the whole team is excited and eager for what is to come. Expect regular updates of our progress (including a monthly report), and buckle up, the Smart Gig Economy is coming!

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