Frequently Asked Questions

Token Sale Questions:

What is a Token Sale?
A Token Sale is a means of crowdfunding centered around cryptocurrency, which can be a source of capital for companies. In a token sale, some quantity of the cryptocurrency economy is allocated to investors in the form of "tokens," in exchange for legal tender or other cryptocurrencies such as NEO or GAS. There are generally two types of token sold; security tokens and utility tokens. The THOR token is a utility token.
What does a "Utility" token mean?
THOR Tokens are utility tokens, as opposed to the more common security tokens. Securities are similar to shares and are a direct investment in a company or asset class. Their prices are completely dependent on investor supply and demand and determined by market sentiment  of company performance. In contrast, utility tokens are a direct investment into a product or commodity and have a functional use. The price of a utility is usually dependent on customer adoption and practical use of the product, much more so than by investor market sentiment. Consequently, utility tokens not only have function and use, they also have much greater potential for long term price growth and market stability compared to security tokens. More detail regarding the THOR utility functionality may be found in our whitepaper.
When is the Thor Token sale?
Both the private and public token sales have ended. The private token sale round occurred before March 12, 2018. The public sale commenced on March 12th at 0:00 GMT and ended at block 2,115,581 on April 12th.
Are THOR tokens NEP-5 compatible?
Yes, THOR tokens are based on the NEO platform and are NEP-5 compliant.
What currencies will be accepted for Token Sale?
Thor received 26,727 NEO, 4,296 Gas, and 1,819 ETH. A more detailed analysis of the Thor Token sale can be found here.
How many total THOR tokens?
The total supply of THOR is 57,069,224 tokens. The circulating supply of THOR as of April 18, 2018 is 7,069,224 tokens.
What happened to unsold tokens?
42,930,776 THOR were not purchased from the token sale smart contract and have been burned.
What was the bonus for private/pre/public sale?
We are not in a position to disclose details about the private sale. Information about bonuses for the public sale may be found here.
Was there a lock-up period?
For the public token sale, there was no lock-up period. For the private token sale, there are varying agreements regarding lock-ups; since these are part of the private sale, we keep our terms private. All lock-up periods were done to remain compliant with US Securities Laws.
Are there any Thor airdrops?
There are no Thor airdrops.
Were US citizens excluded from participating in the token sale?
Due to regulatory requirements, the “Know your customer” procedure (KYC) was required for every token purchaser  —  for those investing in the private sale, as well as those purhcasing tokens in the public sale phase. Only US citizens that meet the definition of Accredited Investor as set forth in Rule 501 of Regulation D were eligible to participate in the token sale.

Company Questions:

How many team members does Thor have?
We have a team of six, with plans to grow strategically over the next 3-6 months. Please see the Team section of our homepage at for more information.
How many advisors does Thor have?
Thor has four Advisors, see for more information. Our Advisors span the healthcare and contractor / freelancer industries.
Where is Thor based?
Thor Technologies, Inc. is based out of San Francisco, California, United States of America.  The token issuing entity, Thor Token Foundation, is based in Panama.
How many partnerships does Thor have?
We have announced partnerships with several companies, including Bannerman (a contractor-based on-demand security guard company) and Moonlight ( a crypto-based solution for freelancers to expand their job network and find more gigs). We are in discussions with a number of others and will announce as these are made official.
How long has Thor been around?
Thor was co-founded in 2017 by David Chin, Matthew Moravec, and Matthew Lawler.

Other Questions:

What will be the Thor ticker symbol?
Our ticker symbol will be THOR.
When will Thor be listed on an exchange?
We are unable to discuss exchanges or listing dates at this time due to federal regulatory constraints. Official announcements related to exchanges or listing dates will be made via our social media channels which may be found at the bottom of our homepage.
Is there a Bounty Program?
We are not offering a bounty program.
What wallets will support THOR token?
THOR is compatible with the following NEP-5 wallets: NEON, Morpheus, and O3.
Will the Thor platform support other tokens?
The Thor Platform will not support other tokens.