Empowering a thriving gig economy

Thor is fixing the Gig Economy
for freelancers and On Demand companies

Bringing benefits and Instant Pay
to workers
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Affordable, end-to-end payments
for business
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Benefits for Contractors

Health Benefits

Get access to affordable health benefits with the Thor Mobile Platform. Choose the plan that’s right for you and get you and your family covered.

Instant Pay

Get paid immediately after a gig is complete with no additional fees. It’s your money, and now you don’t have to wait for it.

Retirement Account

Do the smart thing and start saving for your future today! Choose the plan that suits you best from a variety of tax-exempt options.

Buzz about Thor

Buzz about THOR

Josh Geneser
This case study is kind of a big deal. @GoThorTech @Dwolla https://www.dwolla.com/case-studies/odin-thor-payments/ … #Fintech #money #Dwollapowers #payments
January 11, 2019
Dwolla has teamed up with @GoThorTech (and their newest project, Odin!) to make payments to freelancers possible from a contract management portal. We're so excited to watch this partnership grow! Read more below!
October 5, 2018
@GoThorTech is building a platform to bring retirement and healthcare services to the GIG worker. The freelance retirement crisis no one is talking about
October 9, 2018
Today we have a Project Spotlight in the form of @GoThorTech! Check out our exclusive interview with CEO and CTO David Chin and Matt Moravec to learn more about how blockchain can help pay gig workers and 0 hour contractors in real-time. Don't sleep! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0pAWuFT5Uk …
November 13, 2018
J. J.
wow this is some kind of EPIC advertisement clip guys and girls over at @GoThorTech $THOR you are doing a great job 😎👍
November 14, 2018
Our CEO Mayande Walker discusses the blockchain ecosystem live with John Paller CEO and Founder, @EthereumDenver and @opolisproject, and David Chin CEO, Thor Technologies @gothortech on Wednesday, January 9th at 2pm EST. Details: https://blockchainweekly.io/novel-solutions-on-the-blockchain-ecosystem/ … #blockchain #telecoms
January 7, 2019
.@GoThorTech Is Fixing The #Gig Economy For #Freelancers And On Demand Companies https://www.superbcrew.com/thor-is-fixing-the-gig-economy-for-freelancers-and-on-demand-companies/ …
December 8, 2018
Our Founder & Executive Steward @PallerJohn will be joining @OpenCryptoTrust & @GoThorTech live on the #BlockchainWeekly podcast today at 2PM EST. Tune in! 🎧http://bit.ly/BlockchainIdeas @ShindigEvents #buidl
January 9, 2019

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